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It is the most special day of your life and everything becomes a whirlwind of excitement.  Looking at your wedding photos will enable you to fully enjoy reliving all the details of your wedding.
My approach to wedding photography is to be low key.  I will get all the photos done without rushing or pressuring you.  At the reception you wont remember me taking many of the photos that you will receive.
I do not subcontract with any other photographers.  I will be the one photographing your wedding from the formals on the alter, to the dancing at the reception, and everything in between.  I offer 3 packages which are as follows:
Plan #1 (Professional Album Plan)             $850.00
          All wedding formals and alter group shots are taken with a digital camera and studio lighting with umbrellas.  This plan includes unlimited film and is processed at a professional lab.  Proofs are returned to you in a Wedding Preview Album, usually in about two weeks.  Preview Album and Proof are yours to keep.
Plan #2 (Deluxe Professional Album Plan) $1350.00
          This plan is the same as Plan #1, except that it also includes your Proof Album and a Wedding Album of Enlargements.  The Album consists of 12 accented mats.  Each mat holds (2) 8 x 10's or (4) 5 x 7's.  You choose the photos and size or  combination of sizes and leave the rest to us.  This plan also includes your Engagement Photos.  This includes 20 proofs, some studio and outdoor shots.  You may bring a change of clothing if you like.  The Proofs are back in about 4 working days and are yours to keep.
Plan #3 (Photo Digital Disc Plan)                 $800.00
          All photos are digital and taken with studio lighting with umbrellas.  The photos are processed locally and pictures are ready in 2 working days after the wedding. Photos are 4x 6 and returned to you with the digital disc included enabling you to order your own reprints and enlargements without having to order through the photographer.  The price includes 225 proofs (additional photos taken will be on the digital disc.)
All 3 plans are based on 6 hours contact time, starting from the time you request me to start the photographing church formals.  This also includes photographing the reception and dance.
After the completion of the 6 hours, if you need me for any additional time, the cost is $10.00 per each 1/4 hour ($40 per hour). 
Travel outside of Cedar Rapids/Marion are is 40 cents per mile.
Photo Reorder Prices for Plans #1 and #2 are as follows:


8 Wallets


4 x 5's

$5.00 each

5 x 7's

$ 9.00 each

8 x 10's

$16.00 each

11 x 14's

$28.00 each

16 x 20's

$75.00 each

20 x 24's

$110.00 each

24 x 30's

$150.00 each

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